Circle of Friendship

Enhanced by friendship’s strands of gold,
The white threads of our lives unfold.
Each family has lived through cares and woes.
Each family some trauma knows.
Yet as we sit and make our lace,
We talk out our worries, face to face.
And as we talk, some healing comes.
We go back heartened to our homes.
But the hours are not always filled with gloom,
For laughter often fills the room.
We cover every aspect of our lives,
And humorous comment always thrives.
D.I.Y. disasters and worries with workmen,
The daily differences between men and women!
Recipes and diets and current affairs,
Hilarious holidays, and car repairs.
Queries, quotations and answers to questions,
Advice, experience and helpful suggestions.
Through these the tale of our friendship is told.
White threads of mundane life entwined with gold.

– Ruth E. Eves 04/08/2009